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  • Anticipated Installed Capacity

    ~70 MW

  • No. of Turbines


  • Homes Powered


Coronavirus Update

The Covid-19 emergency means it is not currently possible to hold face-to-face meetings without unacceptably posing a significant risk to public health.

The social distancing rules in place make traditional ways of consulting challenging. However, we are still working to reach people and gather views using a range of methods including our dedicated website, email and video conferencing.

We encourage everyone to email should they have any questions or concerns.


Brookfield Renewable UK Limited is exploring opportunities to develop Armadale Wind Farm, south of Armadale on the north coast of Sutherland.

We are working to develop a community focused wind farm project that will include a local landowner and local crofters as part of the development.

We are also committed that, when it comes to community benefit, the project is a local asset – with local projects undertaken through a locally administered, and active, community benefit fund.


Public Consultation

We are continuing to engage stakeholders and local residents about our proposals for Armadale Wind .

We held two events in March 2020, in Bettyhill and Strathy, to display our very early-stage plans. Since then, we have been considering the comments received and are revising the layout of the wind farm. We anticipate that we will have revised proposals for further discussion in early 2021.

We have set up many ways for you to share your comments with us. You can:


Site Location
Armadale, Thurso, UK

Latest Updates

  • April 2020: Reviewing stakeholder and community feedback and revisiting design
  • March 2020:  Public exhibitions taking place locally. Further information can be found here
  • January 2020: Scoping opinion received from the Scottish Government
  • November 2019: Scoping report submitted to the Scottish Government. A copy of the scoping report and figures can be downloaded here


We believe that Armadale Wind Farm can be a community asset, supporting local aspirations and meeting local needs.

We support the Scottish Government aspiration and commitment to enable communities to participate fully in, and benefit from, Scotland’s low carbon transition. Scottish Government good practice principles community benefits guidance document can be viewed here.

In line with Scottish Government guidance, we would provide an opportunity for the local community to invest in the project, alongside offering a community benefit fund which lasts for the lifetime of the wind farm.

We are experienced at working with local communities and helping them to explore, with the support of partner agencies, local needs, agree core needs and developing community action plans to address key issues such as a reduction in energy consumption locally and addressing fuel poverty.

We hope to work with the community and explore how the wind farm can help to support projects in a variety of areas, including:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Helping people make their homes warmer
  • Identifying opportunities to reduce fuel bills
  • Exploring the potential to offer a reduction in overall fuel bills
  • Employing a local, dedicated, energy advice officer
  • Identifying opportunities for the community to become more self sufficient
  • Supporting sustainable travel, transport and tourism
  • Installing local electric vehicle charging points


  • Connecting people and communities
  • Identifying and reducing isolation
  • Exploring opportunities to improve broadband connection and speed
  • Funding driving
  • Supporting local transport improvements

Education / Employment

  • Providing grants/funding to local students
  • Working in partnership with local schools / colleges
  • Facilitating training / student placements
  • Supporting local businesses to develop apprenticeship

We would like to continue our discussions with the local residents, community groups and stakeholders. We hope that our conversations will determine if these are initiatives that they would like to explore further as a way to invest in the community via the benefit fund.

For further information on community development, please contact us:

Wind Power

Wind is one of the world’s fastest growing renewable energy sources and has become a major component in the energy mix. Wind power is clean, cost effective and does the same job as fossil fuels but generates less waste.

Scotland is one of Europe’s strongest wind resources creating significant potential for the deployment of wind power.

This trend is expected to continue as:

  • The costs of wind energy continue to fall
  • Threats to energy security persists across the globe
  • The need to tackle climate change becomes increasingly urgent